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NMS provide a full range of inspection services using our LEEA trained personnel.  We are full members of LEEA, the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association, ensuring the highest standards of inspection and testing of your rigging and lifting equipment.  Our inspection services are available throughout the UK at your site or at our premises.

The specific services we typically provide are for: Rigging and Lifting Equipment, Water Weights/ Test Weights and Loadcells, Bollard Testing, Reel Inspection, PFPE Inspection, Pneumatic Fender Inspection and Repair.

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Legal background for inspections

The UK has a variety of Acts and Regulations designed to protect people at work.  The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is the main piece of legislation and for lifting and lifting inspection the Act is supported by 2 main regulations which are the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (1998) otherwise known as LOLER and also the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations known as PUWER.  These pieces of legislation set down the requirement for lifting equipment to be inspected.  Both LOLER and PUWER are legal requirements in the UK so it is a legal requirement that lifting equipment and lifting accessories are inspected regularly.

Why is it important to have inspections?

It is very important, and a legal requirement, that inspections are done to make sure that lifting equipment is always kept to a high standard.  Employers have a legal duty to their employees to keep them safe so making sure the equipment they use is safe is very important.  Employees also have a duty of care and “must not endanger themselves, or others, by their acts or omissions”.  So people using the equipment need to do daily pre use inspections as well as having the statutory inspections done.

How often do your inspections need to be done?

Under the LOLER and PUWER regulations it is a legal requirement that lifting equipment needs to be inspected by a Competent Person at certain maximum intervals.  Those maximum intervals are:

Who can do the statutory inspection?

The inspection has to be done by a Competent Person and that is a person that has practical and theoretical knowledge and experience of the equipment that is to be thoroughly examined.  NMS inspectors have been trained to Advanced Diploma level under LEEA and are full members of LEEA.  LEEA is the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association and are the recognised worldwide authority on lifting equipment.

What happens during an Inspection?

One of our inspectors will either come to your business to perform the inspection or the items for inspection can be brought to our premises if more convenient.  We will then:-

We will issue a certificate for each item which will indicate if it is safe to use or defective.  If an item is found to be defective we will inform you or your representative immediately so the item can be quarantined.  Then it cannot cause harm to people and it can either be repaired or taken out of service.  It is highly important that a quarantined item is not used again for lifting until it has been repaired and assessed by a Competent Person.  If it is taken out of service permanently it should never be used again for lifting.

NMS web based certification system

NMS use a web based inspection certification.  Clients will be able to log in to their own area and will be able to see an individual certificate for each item of equipment which can then be viewed or printed and emailed as required.  The system will also keep dates of inspection and the next inspection dates can easily be identified

Our Inspection Services

Rigging and Lifting Equipment

We are able to offer a full range of inspection in rigging and lifting equipment. Our engineers will arrive on site with fully fitted vans carrying a range of tools and equipment to allow inspection and servicing of your lifting equipment.

We can offer either a full site service or we will inspect your equipment at our premises, where we are able to undertake a full range of inspection and testing.  We are happy to collect your equipment to inspect or you can drop it off.

NMS carry a range of spare parts or replacement parts should these be required.

Water Weights/ Test Weights and Loadcells

NMS carry a range of test weights from 500kg through to 10t in water weights and 250kg to 2t in steel weights.  Weights up to 200t can be supplied.

We carry a range of calibrated wireless load cells that are supplied with shackles and a secure carry case.

Our test weights and load cells are available for hire or we can undertake the load test on your behalf.

Bollard Testing

Using in house designed equipment we are able to offer load testing of bollards in the vertical and offset up to 200t, providing a realistic representation of the forces applied by a vessel’s mooring ropes.

The system is easily mobilised and with our own hiab vehicles we can be fully self-sufficient.

Our smaller system is ideal for smaller harbours where access for larger vehicles/machinery is challenging.

Reel Inspection

With the expense and risk to offshore products of utilising reels for both transport and installation NMS have developed a comprehensive multi point examination for the thorough examination of reels.  We can also help develop a history of these reels and can monitor their condition and ensure any issues there may be are captured accordingly.  By using our own personnel and equipment, where practical, we are able to attend site and undertake task on an autonomous basis without the requirement for clients to hire in additional personnel or equipment.

PFPE Inspection

Having undertaken training and testing from leading European manufacturers NMS are able to offer a full range of inspection and testing of fall arrest equipment either on site or at our facilities.

Pneumatic Fender Inspection and Repair

Using our in house inspection team and rigging equipment, supported by our own service vehicles and HIABs, we are able to offer a full inspection and overhaul service of our customers pneumatic fenders.  We carry a full range of rigging, galvanised chain, connecting links and tyres allowing change out to damaged sections or just annual maintenance.

"Utilised NMS for third party verification, onsite installation/crane services and abnormal load escorting. Very professional throughout and offer a wide range of services."

Mitchell Smith Client

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