Northern Marine Services (Scotland) Ltd Marine Lifting and Inspection

Services We Offer

Marine Consultancy

  • Marine Procedures – Compilation and review
  • Risk Assessments
  • Vessel Selection
  • 3rd Party verification and Client Representation
  • Towage Survey – Inspection of tow, towing vessel(s) and equipment, on behalf of owners and/or underwriters in preparation of towing operation

Lifting Operations

  • Load outs (undertake/manage/verify)
  • Write and review lift plans
  • CPCS Appointed Persons, Crane Supervisors and Slinger/Signallers
  • Lifting – crane hire or contract lift
  • Jacking and skidding operations
  • Marine expertise in complex load out/in operations
  • Road transport verification and supervision

Lifting Equipment Inspection

  • LEEA trained rigging and lifting inspectors
  • Various load cells, water bags and test weights for load testing


  • Transportation
  • Lift Planning
  • Lifting Consultancy
  • Lifting and PFPE supplies
  • Lifting and PFPE inspection
  • Skylotec Milan Inspection
  • Warehouse space
  • Load / In / Delivery Supervision

Vessel and Cargo Surveying

  • Vessel Survey- CMID, MECAL, MISW, on/off hire surveys
  • Cargo Surveying and Marine Warranty Surveying for lifting, load out and
    transport operations

Other Services

  • Rigging and lifting supplies
  • Lifting equipment sales
  • Office Space, warehousing and lay down area in Wick • Transportation – Escort duties, haulage via partners
  • Crane Trailer
  • HIAB Services

"Utilised NMS for third party verification, onsite installation/crane services and abnormal load escorting. Very professional throughout and offer a wide range of services."

Mitchell Smith Client

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